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Windows Defender


Version: 4.19.2108.7

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Microsoft

Works under:Windows 8

Windows Defender, otherwise known as Microsoft Defender, is an anti-virus software that's included with most Windows operating systems. It is a full anti-spyware program that includes real-time monitoring to identify and remove security threats.

For those that want to protect against malware and pop-ups, Windows Defender is a must. Unlike other anti-viral programs, Windows Defender comes free with any computer running the Microsoft operating system.

Windows Defender works by performing background scans during normal processing. It also possible for users to conduct manual, pre-scheduled, and deep scans in order to identify security issues, viruses, or other spyware.

Though consumers appreciate Windows Defender, it's not considered as robust as other paid security softwares. It is also not as fast as other antiviral software, owing to the way that it inefficiently scans permanent computer memory.

However, the software is only improving with time. Consistent, free updates are provided for any Windows system beyond Windows XP. Windows Defender consistently outranks paid security services on standardized safety tests.